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Wooden Board

North Dakota

LOCAL Audition Dates

Auditions in other markets will be announced at a later date.

  Saturday, March 27th


at Teddy's Residential Suites

113 9th Avenue Southeast, Watford City

 SUNDAY, March 28th


at D&N Cinematics

212 E Main Ave, Bismarck


Ends March 26th


 20’s or early 30’s. Male.

Charming and reckless frontier farmer who becomes a troublemaker with a drinking problem. Driven

by a fierce frontier justice, he takes charge of the lynch mob demanding Bannon’s immediate death.

IRIS (Lead) 
20’s or early 30’s. Female.

The bright spot in town. Iris has a beautiful and generous heart, but unfortunately gets caught up with

the wrong people - i.e. Jarvis. She still believes that Schafer is worth saving and is willing to fight for it.

ALBERT HAVEN (Supporting)
40’s. Male.

Good-natured, fun-loving farmer. He and his wife are best friends with the Jacobsons.He sees the good in people, even in Charles Bannon. His easy-going and kind nature proves to be his downfall.

LULIA HAVEN (Supporting)
Late 30’s, 40’s. Female.

Fragile but loving mother and wife. She has “visions” of what will happen to her and her family, but she fears being open about these visions.

MOTHER BANNON (Supporting) 40’s or 50’s. Female.

The kind of mother you’d expect Charles Bannon to have. Abusive, foul-mouthed, vindictive, cunning. Not a nice lady.

Train Master (Supporting)
 Flexible. 30’s to 60’s. Male.

Easy-going and friendly North Dakota native.

GEORGE SMYTHE (Supporting)
 Flexible. 30’s to 60’s. Male.

Kind, but business-minded local banker. He doesn’t have time to get too sympathetic for the financial

troubles of his customers.

OLIVER COMBS (Supporting)  40’s to early 50’s. Male.

Tough local butcher with a heart of gold. Nobody messes with this guy and gets away with it.

AJ KNOX (Supporting)
40’s to 60’s. Male.

Charles Bannon’s defense attorney. Not much soul, not much conscience. But a smart lawyer.

BULLY BOY (Supporting)
14-18 Years old. Male.

Cruel high-school tormenters of the young Charles Bannon.

DANIEL HAVEN (Supporting)
14-18 Year old. Male.

Responsible, polite, hard-working young man, destined to be a leader in his community. Son to Albert and Lulia Haven.

MARY HAVEN (Supporting)
4-6 Years old. Female.

Cute as a button, sweet-tempered daughter to Albert and Lulia Haven.


Dell Larson (Supporting) - 40’s to 60’s. Male. Passionate local rancher, furious at the thought of Charles Bannon getting off the hook for his crime.

Minister (Supporting) - Flexible. 30’s to 60’s. Male. Mild-mannered local minister desperate to keep order and peace in town.

Anxious Woman (Supporting) - Flexible. 30’s to 60’s. Female. Local mother and wife who is terrified of the potential of future violence against her family.

School-Teacher (Supporting) - Flexible. 30’s to 60’s. Female. Schafer resident concerned about the well-being of their town and the threat Charles Bannon poses to it.

Sally O’Brien (Supporting) - 20’s or 30’s. Female. Fierce, impulsive young woman who wants Charles Bannon to get what he deserves.

Older Man (Supporting) - 60’s to 70’s. Male. Mild-mannered, aged rancher concerned about the town getting out of control.

Young Bannon Boy (Supporting) - 6-9 Years Old. Male. Fragile young boy haunted by the abuse of his mother and the memory of his sociopathic brother, Charles.

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